Who We Are

Our Team

Earth Day Oregon is led by a board of directors, a steering committee of community volunteers, and an executive director. Their combined passions, nonprofit experience, business leadership, and community connections drive Earth Day Oregon’s work.

Thank you to our former Steering Committee volunteers: Julie Baweja, Suzanne Coffman, Kristin Connor, Kathryn Goodwin, Kathryn Kocarnik, Mahala Ray, Morgan Rider, Micayla Short, Sierra Turpin, and Christina Williams.

Amanda Gallegos, she/her
Anouksha Gardner, she/her
Wanja Kiraguri
Wanja Kiraguri, she/her
Wasim Muklashy, he/him
Han Lyons, they/them
Katheryne Lewis, she/her
Bethany Shetterly Thomas, she/her

Kelly Stevens, she/her
Executive Director

Our Values

Earth Day Oregon is guided by these core principles:

We love Oregon and Earth.

We value the mosaic of communities and ecosystems in our corner of our amazing planet. Earth Day Oregon must include and benefit the health of all of our state’s communities and ecosystems as part of a global partnership for action.

We maximize impact through collective action.

Addressing the pressing challenges we face and creating a sustainable world requires all of us. Earth Day Oregon brings people together to make a greater collective impact on April 22nd each year than we ever could alone.

We advance equity.

Earth Day Oregon prioritizes relationship-building with and resource allocation to organizations led by, engaging, and benefiting people of color and people who identify with other marginalized communities. We pursue learning and action in our operations to advance racial equity and other forms of justice, and we are building a team that reflects these goals.

We champion an inclusive Earth Day.

We work to create safer spaces where people can build support for these vital causes. We prioritize the inclusion of those who have historically been excluded from Earth Day and its benefits and who are underrepresented in the movement.

We activate the power of diversity.

We are building a network of Oregon partners of all budget sizes; who have unique missions; who work in a range of places and with a range of communities; and who are led by people who hold diverse identities. As a one-stop hub and public campaign for Earth Day action, we invite people to learn about and engage with this diversity to advance our common goal of sustainability.

We partner with intention and trust.

We are thoughtful about who we partner with and will not align with greenwashing or activities that do not align with our mission. We trust our nonprofit partners’ experiences and are responsive to their needs.

We lift up intersecting work.

We align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, a global framework for action. We cultivate partnerships and public engagement to advance all 17 intersecting goals in Oregon. We focus on Earth Day Oregon’s unique role in Earth Day while recognizing the value of related efforts such as marches and advocacy campaigns.