What We Do

Uniting Nonprofits

Earth Day is a chance to celebrate our planet—and the people working tirelessly to protect it. We shine a light on local nonprofits every spring, and we encourage businesses and Oregonians to get to know them. These ~80 nonprofits sign up to participate with us every year, and they’re all doing amazing things in Oregon and beyond. Check them out.

Building Relationships

We foster and promote lasting relationships between our ~80 nonprofit partners and hundreds of local businesses that are looking for ways to get involved in their communities. Earth Day on April 22 every year is a great driver for these relationships. Each April, these nonprofits and businesses work together (on their own!) to raise money and awareness for the nonprofits, and to engage Oregonians in events during the month of April.

Showcasing Events

Once our nonprofits and business partners are off and running, we serve as an action hub for collecting all their Earth Day events in April. We become your one-stop shop for Earth Month events statewide—knowing what you can do to get outside or support your communities who care for our planet. Check out our events hub every spring for more!

Thinking Differently

We see Earth Day as an inclusive tradition that champions our communities and our environment. April 22 is Earth Day, every year. We do Earth Day a little differently. Yes, planting trees is important. But so are healthy communities. Hunger-free communities. Gender equality, inclusive and equitable education, and more. At Earth Day Oregon, we use the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations as our guide for a sustainable future for Oregon. We believe in the interconnectedness between environmental, social, and economic issues and we invite nonprofits from all of these sectors to be involved in our project.  

Our nonprofit partners are on the front lines of transformational change. They are accelerating us on the path to equitably achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, right here in Oregon. These goals are a blueprint for action in intersecting areas to achieve sustainability—from climate justice to clean energy, clean water, ending poverty, and more.

Inviting Oregonians

Whether you live in a city with tall buildings, a suburb with tall corn stalks, a town with tall trees, or a village with tall waves, we all stand to benefit from healthy environments, equitable communities, and sustainable economies everywhere in Oregon.

Our vision is to bring about a near future in which Oregon has made major progress toward sustainability—by coming together each year on Earth Day (April 22nd) to create a groundswell of support for the nonprofits in our state who are leading us there. 

Whether it’s your business, your organization, or yourself—if you share our vision, we invite everyone to join the Earth Day Oregon community!

Our Impact

Since launching this work in 2019, Earth Day Oregon has facilitated over $1.2M in donations to nonprofits across the state while shining a light on their sustainability-minded business partners and engaging thousands of Oregonians along the way, too.  

Oregon nonprofits are out there, every day, caring for our planet, and each other. We bring them together and we let you know who they are—so you, and your businesses—can volunteer, connect and donate to great people doing great work in Oregon.

Each April, Earth Day Oregon brings those organizations together to form a collective chorus of voices caring for Oregon’s lands and communities. We champion their work and we invite local businesses to support them—connecting, volunteering and donating to a favorite organization. 


Earth Day Oregon organizes a statewide coalition of partners that inspires collective giving and action on April 22nd every year—to amplify the impact of local nonprofits who make Earth Day their every day.

2023 Results:

87nonprofit partners

310business partners

$500Kfunds raised

Get Involved

There are so many ways to be a part of this work and a champion for Oregon nonprofits. 

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