For Businesses

Be Part of Earth Day Oregon 2024

Businesses can choose to be part of the Earth Day Oregon campaign as a business partner (supporting 1-3 participating nonprofit partners) and/or a sponsor (large donors to the campaign overall).

Either way, your Earth Day action will amplify the impact of nonprofits advancing our common goals of equitable communities, healthy environments, and sustainable economies, everywhere in Oregon.

Become a Business Partner

The campaign will shine a light on your support of up to three participating nonprofits.

Become a Campaign Sponsor

Raise visibility for all nonprofit partners as well as your business or government org by sponsoring the overall Earth Day Oregon initiative.

What to Expect

Here’s how we connect you with nonprofit partners and coordinate support for their campaigns.


Get key dates, details on how we operate, and clarity on choosing your partnership path.

“We were glad to take part in Earth Day Oregon 2023, and excited about the collective impact our local community (businesses and customers/guests) made! It was a good impetus for us to put together an in-store Earth Day event and use our space for community gathering.”

2023 Business Partner