FAQs for Nonprofits

Are there fees to participate in the Earth Day Oregon campaign as a Nonprofit Partner?

No. There are no fees to participate.

Who is eligible to participate as a Nonprofit Partner?

  • 501(c)(3) nonprofits based in (or with a location in) Oregon; or are located in Oregon and are fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Earth Day Oregon is a statewide initiative.
  • Partners must advance one or more of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in Oregon. The goals are a framework for global action in partnership to achieve sustainability.
  • Nonprofit Partners’ policies and practices must provide equal opportunity to all qualified individuals in leadership, staffing and service, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion and any status protected by law. They must not require attendance or participation in religious/faith activities as a condition of service delivery, nor require adherence to religious/faith beliefs as a condition of service or employment.
  • Oregon nonprofits that engage with and benefit marginalized communities who are impacted by systemic racism, discrimination, inequities, and other forms of oppression are encouraged to participate. Earth Day Oregon works to provide extra support to nonprofits that are small, rural, community-benefit (CBOs), culturally-specific, and/or advancing environmental justice.

What do we commit to doing as a Nonprofit Partner of the Earth Day Oregon campaign?

  • Nonprofit Partners must recruit at least 3 Business Partners and ensure they are registered by the deadline. Each Business Partner agrees to make a meaningful monetary contribution directly to their Nonprofit Partner in honor of Earth Day, and to get the word out about the partnership as part of Earth Day Oregon. One of the 3 required Business Partner donations can be in-kind (non-cash). See the Business Partner page for more information and registration.
  • Register your nonprofit organization by January 22, 2024. (Priority deadline for nonprofit registration: 12/22/2023, providing earlier access to campaign resources to support planning and business outreach!)
  • Confirmed Nonprofit Partners must send a representative to attend a virtual Partner Orientation Meeting. (See the Earth Day Oregon 2023 campaign calendar here.)
  • Nonprofit Partners design, plan, and carry out their own individualized Earth Day Oregon campaigns that fit their organization, goals, and audience. This is done while incorporating Earth Day Oregon’s customizable branding and language to make it clear that all partners are part of a larger campaign that is making a collective impact, statewide. Each partners’ campaigns should focus on engagement and action in Earth Month (April), especially on Earth Day (April 22nd).
  • While many Nonprofit Partners choose to organize or co-organize virtual or in-person events to boost engagement, media potential, and giving around Earth Day, it is optional to do so! Your Business Partners may host Earth Day Oregon-related events as well in support of your organization.

Why should my organization participate?

  • To raise awareness, revenue, and business partnerships for your nonprofit! By working together to spotlight Earth Day and to direct donations and engagement to Nonprofit Partners’ missions, we are collectively amplifying Earth Day.
  • Earth Day Oregon provides Nonprofit Partners with a timely excuse to ask businesses and individuals to support your crucial work. You’ll receive branded outreach materials, handy templates, a marketing toolkit, and strategy tips to help you recruit your Business Partners and promote your involvement in the campaign.
  • Earth Day Oregon wants to help you build strong relationships with your Business Partners, and this campaign provides you with additional benefits to offer to your partners. Being an Earth Day Oregon Business Partner is a badge of honor that you provide for businesses. Business Partners’ logos are listed on the website, their Earth Day events are added to our community calendar, and some are selected for media coverage on TV, radio or print.

What is Earth Day Oregon’s role?

Earth Day Oregon:

  • Coordinates and promotes the Earth Day Oregon campaign to maximize visibility for partners and statewide action on Earth Day (April 22nd), and all Earth Month long.
  • Prepares cohesive campaign branding and carries out a broad PR and social media plan to maximize attention and support for Earth Day Oregon partners.
  • Develops partnerships statewide to bolster the campaign’s reach and impact.
  • Connects with Sponsors who give to Earth Day Oregon in support of the overall campaign. (A portion of these gifts is distributed as need-based mini-grants to eligible Nonprofit Partners at the end of the campaign.)
  • Engages eligible Oregon nonprofit partners to join the annual campaign and runs informational and orientation meetings.
  • Provides support, regular communications, campaign resources, and events to support Nonprofit Partners (and their Business Partners) in their campaign efforts, aiming to make it as accessible and easy to participate as possible.
  • Hosts an online Earth Day Oregon action hub including a partner directory with links to donate, a partner event/engagement calendar for the public, and more.
  • Plans and hosts regional partner events to kick off Earth Month and build connections among partners.

How can I learn more?

  • Registered Nonprofit Partners have access to a treasure trove of campaign resources to make your participation easier.
  • Still have questions or want to connect? Email info@earthdayor.org.