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Shalom Y'all - Sesame Collective

Portland, Oregon


"creating connection with hospitality” Established in 2020, Sesame Collective is a locally owned company in Portland, Oregon that operates the restaurants Mediterranean Exploration Company, Shalom Y’all, Lil’ Shalom, Bless Your Heart Burgers, Yalla, and Dolly Olive. Born out of the unique challenges and revelations of 2020, we began a new chapter. Our mission is to promote and foster the individuals that make up the collective, while embodying the spirit of positive leadership, community collaboration, and exceptional hospitality. Hospitality is at the center of our core beliefs. Our brand of hospitality is the embodiment of a hug. Its the feeling you get when you are seated at a table where the conversation is flowing, the vibes are inviting and enticing, the dishes are delicious, memorable & overflowing – you belong, you are welcome.

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