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Organic Valley

La Farge, Wisconsin


Organic Valley is a national cooperative of more than 1,600 certified organic family farms with a regional production model to ensure as many products as possible stay in the region where they were produced. As a cooperative, the business is governed by a board elected by the farmer membership, and the farmers set their own pay price that is stable and reflects the true cost of food production. The business is committed to a three-tier definition of sustainability: Socially, we support local economies, fair trade and other important programs that uplift people. Economically, we ensure our member-farms as well as those from whom we source other ingredients are paid a living wage. Environmentally, we farm organically, which reduces the harmful chemical burden on the planet, and we have installed (and will continue to install) renewable energy projects at our facilities and member-farms to create new, clean energy right where it’s needed.

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