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Portland, Oregon


HABITAT is an Indigenous owned and operated nursery located in połan (chinuk wawa for Portland, OR). All tropical plants are ethically sourced, and most are propagated in our greenhouses located in N Portland. In addition to plants and plant supplies, HABITAT also carries plastic-free art supplies from Beam Paints and Eco Kids. HABITAT also offers Pay What You Want fresh flower bouquets that are bundled with reclaimed fabric and reclaimed fabric ribbon sourced from local re-use stores. The plant industry generates a lot of plastic waste. In response, HABITAT is pledging to be a plastic-free propagation nursery by the end of 2024 and will be kicking off this campaign in April. HABITAT will be launching an incentive program that will give customers store credit for returning nursery pots (this includes plastic pots, as well as clay pots and steel pots) for plants purchased at HABITAT. (This will eventually expand to include plastic nursery pots from other stores.) Customers will be able to create an account and credits will be tracked. Returned nursery pots will be cleaned and reused. Plastic pots at the end of their life cycle will be recycled.

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