What to Expect as a Nonprofit Partner

The collective impact we create each year around Earth Day can accelerate Oregon toward our common goals of healthy environments, equitable communities, and sustainable economies across our state.

Why should your organization participate?

To raise awareness, revenue, and business partnerships for your nonprofit! By working together to direct donations and engagement to nonprofit partners, we are collectively ensuring that Earth Day is amplified. 

Earth Day Oregon provides nonprofit partners with a timely excuse to ask businesses and individuals to support your crucial work. You’ll receive branded outreach materials, handy templates, a marketing toolkit, and strategy tips to help you recruit your business partners and promote your involvement in the campaign, including resources in English and Spanish. 

Earth Day Oregon wants to help you build strong relationships with your business partners and communities, and this campaign provides you with additional benefits to offer to your partners. Business partners’ logos are listed on the website, their Earth Day events are added to our community calendar, and some are selected for media coverage on TV, radio or print. Many business partners also choose to host events and promotions to benefit your work in honor of Earth Day!

See our How the Campaign Works page to learn more about the moving parts and commitments for partners of the Earth Day Oregon campaign, and how you can take part. Registration opens on October 22nd, 2023!