What to Expect as a Business Partner

As a business partner, you can be part of the collective action on Earth Day (April 22nd) and all Earth month long—to support nonprofits whose year-round work is leading us to a sustainable Oregon. 

Business partner registration is due March 7th to be included in Earth Day Oregon’s full promotion of all participants! If you’re learning about this opportunity after March 7th, contact us.


See the one-page overview here for more info on business partner commitments and benefits.

See the How the Campaign Works page for more details on who’s involved in the campaign and the roles they play.

“[We enjoyed] being able to give back and inviting our customers to join in on our values.”


Check out the directory of the 100+ nonprofit partners statewide that are part of Earth Day Oregon 2023.

Each nonprofit is responsible for finding 3 or more sustainability-minded businesses who make a meaningful donation directly to that organization in honor of Earth Day and collaborate on optional activities during Earth Month (April). That’s where you come in!

“Being part of the Earth Day Oregon campaign shows our employees and the public that we act on our values.”


Contact a nonprofit partner on the list to let them know you’d like to be one of their business partners for Earth Day Oregon 2023.

Together, you’ll figure out what that partnership will look like. If you have questions about being a business partner or need help connecting with a nonprofit partner for Earth Day Oregon 2023, contact us.

“Being a business partner for the Earth Day Oregon campaign allows us to be a leader in advancing sustainability in our community.”


The nonprofit partners coordinate with their business partners to make sure the businesses are registered.

Business partners should be registered as part of the Earth Day Oregon 2023 by March 7th for full promotion.

Still have questions or want to connect? Contact us to get the help you’re looking for.

“Participating gave us opportunities to connect with donors and like-minded business leaders.”